Aircom A3 Air Tube Radiation Free Headset – Active

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Normal earbud headphones for music and headsets for talking have 2 major flaws: they have a highly-conductive metal wire that goes all the way up to your head, and they have a speaker coil that goes practically into your ear.  The wire acts as an antenna for cell phones and other EMF (things you plug it into, devices/wiring you are near, or even signals in the air).  The speaker coil is also very problematic for sensitive individuals, as the speaker coil generates magnetic fields and is in such close proximity to the sensitive, complex, and intricate hearing-related nerve system around your ear.

The A3 headset solves both of these problems.

Though it was originally developed for top-notch sound quality, we found the A3 to be perfect for EMF avoidance and EHS or sensitive individuals.  This has made the A3 headset our favorite and best-seller.  We find the design to be more comfortable, the earbuds stay in so much better with active lifestyles, and the colors are fun.  The sound has not been compromised either - you still get the same (or even better) sound than the A1 featured.

The new A3 headsets have proven to hold up very well over time too.  We've had virtually no complaints or failures of the A3 model.  Handle them gently and they will serve you for a very long time.  But just to make sure, they do come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Compatible with most common 3.5mm headphone and headset jacks, including Android phones, iPhones, iPads, MP3 players, etc.

The A3 Active model is available in 4 colors: Black, White, Pink, and Yellow/Green.