Bed Canopies

The best place to start when reducing your exposure to EMF is the bedroom. The first step is to determine how high the levels of EMF are with a meter or a hired professional. After mitigating by turning off all possible sources of EMF inside your home, you may want to secure you and your family’s bed’s with our bed canopy products.   They work just like a Faraday cage and are able to block out 99% of RF and even a large percentage of electric fields from your home wiring!

We offer two different types of Bed Canopies, Naturell and Daylite, along with different sizes depending on your bed.  The Daylite is a more breathable and lighter synthetic fabric that allows more light through.  However, the Naturell has a higher RF blocking rating and is an elegant, decorative natural cotton ideal for the chemically sensitive. We also offer a Floor Sheet to go under the bed to block any sources coming from beneath the bed. These Floor Sheets come in the same style and sizes as the bed canopies.

 If you would like to shield the rest of your home, we offer other shielding products and material to go along with your Bed Canopy, such as; Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Mesh, Paint, and Window Film.

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