Attenuator DG20_G10

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Increase the Maximum Power Range of your RF Analyzer (RF Analyser) by 20 dB or 100x - Designed for: Standard Log-Per antenna and the UBB27 antenna of the HFE35C,HFW35C, HF58B, HF58B-r, HF59B, HFE59B, HFW59D

Extend the measuring power of your RF Meter with the DG20_G10 Attenuator (20 dB or 100x High Frequency Signal Reducer)

If your RF Meter indicates a ("1...) on the far left of the LCD display, and measurement range is set to maximum, you are measuring a signal over the maximum signal strength of the RF Meter. The DG20_G10 attenuator will allow the RF Meter to display the higher signal strength measurements with accuracy and raise the measurement range of your RF Meter.

Adding the DG20_G10 to your tool kit will:

  • Allows for 100x higher field strength measurements and raise the measuring range of the RF Meters by a factor of 20 dB
  • High Field strength reduction power of 20 dB (100x) in the frequency range of 10 MHz – 10 GHz

How it Works:

  • Connect the DG20_G10 RF attenuator to a compatible RF Meter
  • Attach the UBB27 multi-directional antenna or LogPer directional the to the DG20_G10
  • Turn on the RF Analyzer and set up appropriately
  • Scan the area and hold the RF Analyzer with your arm extended
  • RF radiation power density will be displayed on the LCD display
  • Multiply the displayed value by 100x to obtain the true value
  • When using the HF59B or the HFE59B, power level adapter switches can be configured to automatically display the actual value

Compatible with: HFE35C,HFW35C, HF58B, HF58B-r, HF59B, HFE59B

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