HFW59D RF Meter

HFW59D RF Meter

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The HFW59D detects wireless technologies such as Radar, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMAX and cordless telephones operate in the higher frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz – 10 GHz with Audio Signal Analysis. It has been designed to detect and measure the RF emissions generated within this range including the high radar frequency band at 8.5 through 9.5 GHz (Aviation, Naval, Military, Traffic Control Radar).

  • Fully compensated up to 10 GHz which includes the frequently used high radar frequency band at 8.5 through 9.5 GHz (Aviation, Naval, Military, Traffic Control Radar)
  • Maximum VBW for realistic readings of even the shortest radar pulses(smaller than 0.5 µS)
  • Optimized peak hold function
  • 1 µW/m² display resolution (for higher sensitivity, e.g. for wireless LAN signals, use HV20_2400G10)
  • Includes a specially designed LogPer antenna with optimized reception pattern
  • Contains an internal high pass filer at 2.4GHz to reliably suppress the commonly dominant GSM and DECT cordless phone frequencies
  • Calibrated AC signal output for demodulated signal analysis
  • Scalable DC output for data logging.

Specifically designed for the measurement of modulated signals ("pulse" mode)


  • The meter's audio tone replicates the patterns and intensity of measured RF emissions
  • Plug in ear phone accessory is optional
  • Comes equipped with both the NiMH rechargable battery and battery charger, a storage/carrying case to hold all the components for the HFW59D.

HFW59D RF Meter Includes:

  • HFW59D: Radio Frequency Analyzer
  • Plastic Carrying Case:  K5 (33x 27 x 8 cm) (13 x 10.6 x 3.2 inches)
  • Antenna: Logarithmic Periodic 2.4 - 10 GHz
  • Users Guide:  RF Analyzer
  • 2 Year Warranty:  Certificate
  • Battery Pack:  Rechargable with Charger/Power Supply
  • Silicone Protective Cover:  Black

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