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Professional EMF Meter: This meter measures 3D magnetic fields as well as 1D potential free AC Electric Fields (Y-Axis).  Ships with"NFASoft" Data Analysis Software - Will also log Radio Frequency "RF" Output from the HF59B and the HFW59D (5Hz – 400 000 Hz)

Professional Level EMF Meter with Data Logger (5 Hz - 400,000 Hz)

  • 3D measurement of the magnetic field
  • 1D potential-free electric field measurement
  • Ability for extensive long-term data recordings
  • Records simultaneously on 4 recording channels (CH1-3) for desired measurement and optional channel 4
  • Supplied with revolutionary PC software (NFASoft) for facilitated interpretation and documentation of the acquired data
  • Eliminates the need for X-Y-Z RMS calculations for magnetic field measurements. Ability to measure in single axis mode when necessary
  • Channel for recording Radio Frequency signals from the HFE59B RF Analyzer
  • Integrated Body Voltage Meter
  • USB Connection to PC
  • Standard 4 GB SD memory card supplied (upgradeable)
  • High frequency transient analysis for "Dirty Electricity"
  • Separate true RMS recordings of power line frequencies and harmonics (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus odd harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2kHz)
  • Real time voice recordings, or audio input, embedded into the data screen for playback during data evaluation
  • A 'no tamper' lock feature allows for the device to be left securely on site while data logging is operational
  • Customized Geiger Counter/Audio alarm: Allows for a personalized volume and high exposure alarm
  • Broadband peak measurements (genuine peak of a wave)
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for up to 48 hours of continuous recordings
  • External power supply / charger included
  • All Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meters are backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty

The NFA400 EMF Meter / GaussMeter is designed to meet Building BiologyEMF measurement performance requirements

NFA400 EMF Meter / Logger Includes

  • NFA400 EMF Meter Users Guide
  • 2 Year Warranty Certificate
  • Ships with NFAsoft - Data analysis software - Loaded on SD memory card
  • Standard Factory Calibration Certificate
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Grounding Cable – 17 foot (5.18 meters) - for AC electric field measurements
  • Grounding Clip – For direct connection to water pipe
  • Body Voltage Brass Hand Probe and cable
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack with charger/power supply
  • 4 GB High Speed SD Memory Card
  • USB Interface Cable
  • Interface Cable (2.5 mm to 2.5 mm) – For connection to HFE59B
  • Silicone protective cover - yellow

Frequency Response: Flat Frequency Response from 5 Hz to 400KHz at -1 db
Electric Field Sensor: 1D –  Y Axis
Magnetic Field Sensor: 3D – X Y Z Axis
Signal Rating: RMS, RMS Hold, Peak
Magnetic Field Measuring Range: 1 - 19,990 nanoTesla (0.01 – 199.9 milliGauss)
Electric Field Measuring Range: 0.1 - 1999 Volts/meter - V/m
Body Voltage: 1 - 19,999 mV
Resolution Magnetic Field: Finest Reading - 1 nT (0.01 mG), Finest Reading - Fine Range - 0.1 V/m
Accuracy / Basic Tolerance: Compensated, better than -2 dB
Dimensions: 78 x 230 x 37 mm (W x L x H) approx 3 x 9 x 1.5 inches
Weight of Meter: 560 g
Case Material: Plastic case with protective silicone

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