Preamplifier – HV20_2400G10

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Having issues finding a low-frequency source? The HV20_2400G10 is a little unit with a huge impact. It boosts sensitivity of RF Analyzers enabling you to precisely capture weaker field-strength signals.

Adding the HV20_2400G10 to your RF measurement equipment will:

  • Analyze RF field strength signals which would normally be below the limit of your  RF Analyzer
  • Increase the measurement sensitivity of a RF Analyzer by 100x (20dB) in the frequency range of 2400 MHz - 10 GHz

How it Works:

  • Attach the HV20_2400G10 preamplifier to the appropriate RF Meter
  • Attach the LogPer directional antenna to the HV20_2400G10
  • Configure the unit for measurement and power on
  • Scan the area of concern by holding the RF Meter with an extended arm
  • The meter will indicate the power density of RF radiation on its digital display

Divide the measured value by 100 to obtain the exact value

Compatible with: HFW35C and HFW59D

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