Remote Cut Off Switch + 24 Amp Contactor

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“Know for sure” that you're shielded from AC Electrical areas. A great night’s sleep is merely a switch away.

Sleep areas are usually in the middle of a curtain of electrical fields from internal home wiring The offending wiring is situated within the ceilings, wall space and flooring. These wires are always producing electrical fields even when all lights, electronic devices are switched off. The electric fields are only removed by flipping the breaker or fuse.  For most homes the breaker panel is far away and can be difficult to reach.  The solution is the remote cutoff switch.   It functions by closing and opening the power in the breaker panel whenever you press the button on the remote transmitter.  The remote allows access to power quickly and efficiently.  

This is the most cost effective solution creating a sleeping area that is free from EMF or dirty electricity caused by your home electrical wiring. This system can handle up to 4 circuits or zones

 For EMF sensitive people the RF transmission of the remote is only momentary when a button is pressed. 

Supplied With:

  • Remote Cut Off Switch: Qty = 1
  • Contactor 4 Circuit 24 Amp, 12 VDC:  Qty = 1 (40 amp also available)
  • Remote Transmitter: Qty = 2
  • Antenna (9 Foot Cable): Qty = 1
  • I/O Cable: Qty = 1
  • Power Supply: Qty = 1
  • DIN Mounting Rail 4 - 6 inch: Qty = 1

Optional Accessories:

  • Additional 4 Circuit Contactor - Allows for 4 more branch circuits to be controlled.  When choosing a contactor, it is important to select one that is properly rated for the individual branch circuits it will be controlling, resistive loads and inductive loads must be considered. (24 Amp and 40 Amp Contactors are available)
  • Additional Hand Held Transmitter - Control Cutoff Switches from multiple locations with an additional transmitter
  • Extended Antenna with 50 foot cable

Operating Voltage: 10-15 VDC
Static Current: ≤6 mA
Output Current: ≤ 10 A
Size: 100 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm (WxLxH)
Receiver Sensitivity: -105dB
Operating Frequency: 433 Mhz, analogue, coded – approx. 100 meters
In Case of Failure: Switch can be unplugged
Control Lights: Green ON = Circuit Disconnected  Green OFF = Circuit On
Battery for Remote Control: 23A - 12V Battery
Mounting: Separate electrical box beside the breaker panel
Warranty: 5 year manufacturers warranty

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