Transmitter – 2015 and Prior

Transmitter – 2015 and Prior

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Additional transmitter for the Remote Cut Off Switch from the year 2015 and prior.  Available in Version A, B or C.

Hand Held Transmitter:

  • Add the convenience of a spare transmitter for your Remote Cut Off Switch
  • Available in 3 Versions “A”, “B” and "C"
  • Please specify Version Required in the Comments Section of the Order Form

Note: Version"A" and version "B" can be thought of as individual controllers that operate at different frequencies. The 2 different versions allow for the operation of 2 different sets of controls in a single location. For example, the "A" Cut off switch could be used to control all circuits on the first floor and the "B" cut off switch could be used to control all of the circuits on the second floor. Each version would control its own set of branch circuits and operate independently form the other.

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